Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Kankakee, Illinois

Are you tired of seeing a low or negative balance in your bank account? Maybe your lack of funds is because you don’t make enough money, or maybe it’s because you don’t manage the money you have.

Either way, you need more cash. Instead of trying to get overtime at work or pawning your valuables, why not consider one of the easiest and fastest known ways to get money? With title loans in Kankakee, you could have the money you need in a day or less.
Title loans in Kankakee, IL are personal loans from a non-traditional lender. Borrowers use the equity in their car to secure a loan. There is no credit check involved, which means even people with bad credit have an excellent chance of being approved.

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re old enough to vote, which is 18, you’re old enough to apply for title loans in the Midwest. If you own a vehicle and have a way to repay the loan, you’re practically ready to collect the cash. Your vehicle registration needs to list you as the owner, and it needs to be lien-free and paid off. Income sources can be work, unemployment, disability, a pension, social security or alimony.

Title Loans Kankakee, IL Application

Start the online application process by typing in your name and phone number and details about the car. The make, model, style, year and mileage are what determines the initial title loan estimate. Later, the condition of the vehicle will be examined to see if it matches the loan offer. If the vehicle has sustained damage, it may be worth a bit less. Vehicles that are in great condition and have upgrades, such as a sunroof, could get an even higher offer.

Looking at the condition of the vehicle comes when you talk by phone to a Midwest Title Lender agent. You will also set up a payment schedule and provide details of the source of income you will use to pay back the loan. Finally, you turn in the car title, sign loan paperwork, and take your cash.

Legal Information

  • Borrowers may get up to $4,000 for an auto title loan in Illinois
  • Borrowers may pay off loans early without a prepayment penalty
  • Lenders must be licensed by the state


  • Because the application and discussion of loan specifics takes place very quickly, the money you need could be in your hands the same day you apply to a title loan.
  • How does no credit check sound? Anyone who wants to skip the hassle of having a loan officer go through your credit report and analyze when and why you paid the way you did will think this sounds great. People with bad credit will find it amazing because it means for once their credit score doesn’t mean an automatic denial.
  • Flexible payment options is a great benefit for people trying to get back on budget. While the payments for a bank loan are set up and unchangeable, Midwest Title Lender can work with challenging situations. If you realize the payments are too high or you need more time in your repayment schedule, we can work something out.
  • Pay early. That’s right. If you find that your financial woes are clearing up faster than expected, feel free to pay off your title loan early. There is no penalty for doing so.
  • The convenience of title loans in Joliet and Kankakee, IL continues after you’ve gotten the money because you get to keep your car. Drive it as you normally do while you pay off the loan.