Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Glenview, IL

Why be stressed out, anxious and worried about where you will get money when you need it? There is a simple solution called title loans. It’s easy to apply and be approved, and it’s fast. If you need money today, apply today and you will most likely be approved today for title loans in Glenview.

Title loans in Glenview, IL allow you to trade your car title for a quick loan. There is no credit check because you are putting up your car, truck or motorcycle as collateral. Lenders offering car title loans in Illinois understand how difficult it can be to need money but not qualify for a bank loan. Title loans were developed to help this underserved group of people get the monetary help they need.

Loan Qualifications

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Own a car that has no liens against it
  • Have a source of income

Title Loans Glenview, IL Application

Car title loans in the Midwest are approved quickly because the online application process is no frills. Simply provide the year, make, model, style, and mileage of your vehicle, as well as your name and contact information and get a quote for car title loans. A Midwest Title Lender agent will contact you by phone for more information and to set up a payment plan. The agent will need to know about the condition of your vehicle and there may be a short inspection. Vehicles may have the same make, model, and style, but be worth different loan amounts. This is because one vehicle may have damage that lowers its value while another car has upgrades that increase its value. After determining this, just sign the loan agreement, turn in your title and collect your cash.

Legal Information

  • Borrowers can potentially get up to $4,000. They may not get a loan amount that has loan payments equal more than half of the borrower’s monthly income.
  • Borrowers have the right to information about their loan, including all interest rates, interest charges, and fees they will incur. This information must be given by the lender before the borrower signs a loan agreement.
  • Lenders may not require balloon payments.
  • Lenders hold a licensed issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)
  • Lenders must give loan clients an IDFPR debt management brochure with information about consumer rights and responsibilities.


  • Who else is sensitive to your need for money immediately? Midwest Title Lender understands what it’s like to need cash but not have it, so we created a process to get your loan approved as fast as possible. Most applicants apply one day and get the money within hours.
  • There is no credit check, so don’t fret about those past payment mistakes. With title loans, credit is no needed because we use collateral.
  • Title loans in Evanston and Glenview, IL are approved quickly and paid back quickly most of the time. When a client hits a roadblock that keeps them from making payments on time, we work it out. Title lenders are great about rolling over loans so the payments are lower or they are stretched out over a longer time frame. That way, the lender gets their money back, and the borrower does not default on a loan.
  • Your vehicle belongs to you, and you need to use it to drive to work and other places. Midwest Title Lender doesn’t. It’s not like our staff needs to borrow your car to run errands. Leaving it with us will just be taking up space, so you keep it. We’ll hold on to the title and give that back to you when the loan is complete.