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Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Elmwood Park, Illinois

When money gets tight, and you see there is no solution coming any time soon, don’t just let it happen. Be proactive. Look for a way to get the funds you need so you can straighten out your money woes before they become a money nightmare. It’s understandable that the situation is frustrating, but there is an easy quick-fix for circumstances like this.

Title loans were developed to help people who have trouble getting traditional funding and for those who need money as soon as possible. If that sounds like you, then title loans in Elmwood Park, IL could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Title Loans Elmwood Park

Using your car title for a loan is a title loan. Offering collateral to secure car title loans in the Midwest means the lender does not need to do a credit check. Anyone who has ever been turned down for a loan because of a spotty payment history will appreciate the possibility a no credit check car title loan offers. Even people with bankruptcies are likely to be approved for title loans in Elmwood Park.


Illinois requires all title loan applicants to be at least 18 years old. Lenders require applicants to have a source of income so they have a way to repay their debt. Applicants also need a vehicle to use as loan collateral. This can be a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle. It should be paid and lien-free to qualify as collateral.

Title Loans Elmwood, IL Park Application

Online applications for title loans in Elmwood Park ask for the year your vehicle was built, as well as its make, model, style and mileage. You also need to provide your name and contact information, after which you get a quote for car title loans. After this quick form is complete, you get to discuss loan options with a Midwest Title Lender representative. During the discussion, you can get any questions answered and work out your plan to repay the loan. Another topic is the condition of your car, which needs to be good enough to match the loan estimate Midwest Title Lender offered. Sometimes offers for title loans in Oak Park and Elmwood park will be lowered or raised based on the condition of the vehicle. After all these details are worked out, you get to turn in your title and claim your loan money.

Illinois Legal Information

  • Title lenders must have a license to provide consumer installment loans in the state. Licenses are approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).
  • Per state law, a title loan Illinois may not exceed $4,000
  • Consumers may not borrow an amount of money that is so large that the monthly payments are higher than the borrower’s monthly salary.
  • Legally, borrowers are not allowed to sign loan agreements until their lender has disclosed all fees and interest charges the borrower is responsible for paying. Prior to signing any documents, lenders must give borrowers a debt management brochure produced by IDFPR, which includes a hotline for comments and complaints.


  • Short application
  • Can complete the application online from home or anywhere else
  • Rapid loan processing
  • Get money extremely fast – usually the same day
  • No credit check
  • Loan amounts are based on the value of your vehicle
  • Income can be from various sources
  • Fast repayment schedule
  • Repayment schedule can be adjusted for more time to pay
  • No penalty for paying loan off early
  • Keep your car
  • Less trouble than trying to get a bank loan
  • Very high approval rates
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Less expensive than payday and other small-dollar loans