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Title Loans Chicago Ridge, IL

Title Loans Chicago Ridge, Illinois, Is The Right Choice For You

Borrowing money can be a hassle. You have to gather a bunch of paperwork and sit for a couple of meetings with a banker. The bank will do exhaustive research on you; research that would make anybody uncomfortable. A deep background check takes place to see if you’ve committed any crimes or have been evicted. You credit and FICO scores are combed through for any inconsistencies. It can make your palms sweat just thinking about it. And all of this takes time; time you could otherwise use spending your Title Loans Chicago Ridge money from Midwest Title Lender.

Then there is the income verification. They may even call your employer or your bank to verify you income. During this process, many people get to know that you are applying for money. That’s not the case with Title Loans Chicago Ridge, Illinois, from Midwest Title Lender. We just look at the value of your car, check that you live in the area and verify income with a pay stub provided by you. The car is the collateral. There is no deep background check and you get your money discretely and quickly. In most cases, you can drive away with money the same day.

Title Loans Chicago Ridge, Illinois, Starts With Basic Info On The Website

The year, the make and the model of your vehicle is all you need to start the Title Loans Chicago Ridge process. Input this information into the application page to receive an instant auto title loan estimate. Our proprietary algorithm instantly appraises your vehicle and alerts our loan experts, giving them the best title loan for your situation. And this process is zero risk. The loan is not final until you sign the document. So go ahead and give it a try.

We Get To Know You Just A Little Bit

After hitting “Apply” on the application page, you’ll be taken to the next step in the process — the personal information page. After all, we need to know how to contact you in order to get you your money. Just supply us with your name, a good phone number to call you at, and you zip code. We service title loans in Oak Lawn area and we need to know if you live in our jurisdiction.

Illinois State Regulations Concerning Title Loans

You should know that title loans in Illinois are capped at $4,000. And the state of Illinois has passed regulations to protect you during the title loan process. There are no balloon payments. Each repayment will be about equal. A payment cannot exceed 50% of your income for the month. You are also allowed to refinance once the balance has been reduced by 20% of the original value of the loan. These regulations make title loans a smart choice in Illinois.

Why Title Loans Are Right For You

Discretion is the name of the game when it comes to title loans in the Midwest. You get to keep your car as you make smooth monthly payments. And since your car is the collateral of the loan, nobody else needs to know that you borrowed money against its value.

Speed is another advantage of a title loan. There are no exhaustive background checks because the value of your loan is sitting right in the value of your vehicle. It is like a home equity loan except for your car. In the end, a title loan is a unique, discrete and fast way to get the money you need.