Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Berwyn, IL

When times are tough financially, you have to figure out the best option to get the money that will solve your problem. One of the most convenient ways is something many people don’t even consider. Title loans are easy to apply for and just about every applicant is approved, but less than two million people a year get them. Maybe it’s because they don’t understand how title loans in Berwyn work. They are simply an alternative to traditional bank loans.

Title loans in Berwyn are an alternative to traditional loans. You give Midwest Title Lender your car title, and the lender loans you money. When you pay the loan back, your vehicle title is returned. How simple is that? Of course, there are some qualifiers, including that the applicant be at least 18 years old and have a source of income. The borrower’s car needs to be completely paid off and without liens. Other vehicles, such as a motorcycle or truck, can also be used to secure the loan. With collateral, there is no need to do a credit check, which means people with bad credit and even bankruptcies can get title loans in Berwyn.

Title Loans Berwyn Application

Anyone who owns a car, is at least 18 years old and has income is in an excellent position to be approved for title loans in Chicago and Berwyn, IL. As long as the vehicle used is lien-free and completely paid off, it can be used as loan security. The applicant’s source of income can be from a job, a pension, alimony or another source.

Online applications just require you put in your name and contact info, as well as the make, model, mileage, style and year of the vehicle. Midwest Title Lender gives you an auto title loan estimate and we call you to work out a payment plan and other loan specifics. The process ends with you giving us the title to the vehicle, signing your loan agreement and taking your cash.

Legal Information

State law outlines certain dos and don’ts for title lenders. They must be licensed and can loan up to $4,000. Lenders must provide certain information to borrowers, including details of interest rates, interest charges and all fees the borrower is expected to pay. Borrowers must also be informed if their vehicle is in danger of being repossessed, and lenders must give them a state-produced debt management brochure, which includes a hotline number for complaints. Balloon payments are not allowed.


  • Within one day, you can apply for a car title loan in Illinois, work out loan specifics with a Midwest Title Lender agent and get the money.
  • Without having to go through a credit check, you don’t have to worry that your credit won’t be good enough to get the loan. Everyone has the same chance of being approved because Midwest title loans are based on the collateral used to secure it, which is a lien-free vehicle.
  • Since there is no point in your lender keeping your vehicle, only the title needs to stay with Midwest Title Lender. We don’t have the space to hold all the cars from the numerous title loans we provide, and you need a car to drive to work and other places.
  • While short loan terms are a normal part of title loans, there are options for borrowers who need more time. Just talk to a loan representative if you have difficulty making payments, and they will discuss renewing or reworking the payment schedule, payment amounts or the entire loan so that it works for both borrower and lender.
  • If you want to pay off your Berwyn title loan early, go ahead. There is no prepayment penalty.