Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Belvidere, IL

Car title loans have over the years attained a dominant position in the lending business for various reasons. The most compelling one is that borrowers don’t have to undergo a lot of scrutiny when taking out such advances. Financial troubles present themselves at the most inopportune time. Even with all the necessary contingencies, you may find yourself in a position where you need some extra cash. However, even though loan options are many, securing one is always an issue. What happens when you want to take out a traditional loan is that you have to meet a range of requirements. For instance, depending on the size and type of loan, you must attain a certain credit score when applying for one in Belvidere. However, lenders who offer title loans Belvidere only need you to submit the title of your car. A title loan is a kind of quick cash loan where the borrower uses the equity in their car as collateral. The lender gets the car title, and you get the money. Because your title is used as lien, the lender can repossess your car in case you default. The hassle free nature of the transaction is one that most people appreciate in terms of emergencies.

Title Loans Belvidere Application

We understand the urgency that has you considering an Illinois car title loan, and that is why the application process is free of complications. All we need from you are the adequate details to process the loan. You can access the application form online where we request the particulars of your car, which include the make, mileage, and year. The point of this information is to gauge the value of your car. Typically, the equity will determine the size of the loan you can apply for. Using this information, we give you an auto title loan quote. With this estimate, you have an idea of the interest your loan will accrue over a certain period. When filling your application with Midwest title Lender, we also require your personal details such as full name, zip code, and phone number. Ensure these are valid when submitting your application.

Illinois Regulations

Understanding state and federal laws on title loans in Rockford and the state of Illinois as a whole is crucial. Refinancing or rolling over a loan is a common practice because sometimes borrowers get into some trouble with payments. Lenders in Illinois are allowed to roll over loans but only after a borrower pays off 20% of the principal. Another regulation states that the monthly payment of a loan should not be more than half of the gross income of a borrower.

Interests for car title loans in Illinois have to be calculated as simple interest. It means that after taking out your loan, a lender cannot use your outstanding interest to charge another one. Another regulation that lenders have to adhere to is amortization of payments. Traditionally, borrowers can make payments for monthly interests and then make one payment in the last month, which includes the principal plus the interest. With amortized payments, a lender has to take the whole amount and divide it evenly.

Pros of Title Loans

At Midwest Title Lender, we offer you a fast solution to your money problems, which is one benefit of car title loans. When dealing with a medical emergency, last minute travel or unexpected bills, having access to quick cash can save you a mountain of trouble. The lack of strict requirements saves you time and money when you don’t have to run around to get your credit history and pay for your credit score. As long as your car has a title, then its equity is all that counts. Contact us for car title loans in Belvidere, IL, Rockford and other towns in Illinois.