Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Bellwood, IL

People in the same group tend to have things in common. For instance, people who live paycheck to paycheck are often the same people who have trouble making ends meet. What this group does not have in common is the realization that there is a great way to get off of that financial roller coaster. It can boost finances, help pay some bills and help you stop running out of money before payday. Since less than two million people a year use this type of easy funding, it’s clear that most people who need money don’t know where to get money. The answer is title loans in Bellwood.
Your title loan money is just sitting in the driveway. Your vehicle, worth thousands of dollars, can be used as loan security. Do so, and you don’t have to endure a credit check. Most likely, you will be approved and can get the money in less than a day.

Title Loans Bellwood Requirements

Applicants for title loans must be old enough to get a loan, which is 18. The vehicle they use as collateral must have them listed as the owner on registration documents, it must not have liens against it, and it must be completely paid for. Applicants must have money to pay the loan back, which could be from their job, retirement benefits, a pension or another source.


Applications for title loans in Bellwood, IL ask for the make, model, year and mileage of your vehicle, in addition to your name and contact information. This application takes a few minutes to complete and ends with you getting title loan estimate. A Midwest Title Lender agent calls you to discuss your loan offer. Your vehicle’s condition needs to match the actual value of the offer, which means it needs to be in good condition. A vehicle inspection may be necessary. Working with the agent, you create a repayment plan that works for both parties, and you turn in your vehicle’s title so you can collect the cash.

Illinois Legal Information

  • Title loans in Illinois can be a maximum of $4,000.
  • Consumers may not borrow an amount of money that requires them to pay more than 50 percent of their monthly income in loan payments.
  • Balloon payments are prohibited.
  • Borrowers can repay the loan early without being penalized.
  • Title lenders must tell borrowers how much interest and other charges will be before any loan documents are signed.


Being able to apply online while sitting at home is a great convenience for busy people who don’t have time to apply in person. It’s also especially convenient for people who want to keep their financial business private and away from the prying eyes of other people. Another convenient aspect is being able to keep your car to continue driving while you repay the loan.

Title loans in Oak Park and Bellwood are so much easier to get than asking friends or relatives for the money you need. Borrowing from people you know can put you both in an uncomfortable position; you for having to humble yourself and ask for money and the other person because they may not have cash to spare, may not want to lend to you or may be afraid you won’t pay them back.

Title loans in Bellwood are also so much easier to get than a bank loan. Traditional lenders require proof of residence and employment, pay stubs, bank statements and may ask for tax returns when the loan is large. Credit checks are mandatory, unlike with Midwest Title Lender where they are not needed. If your credit is not up to their standard, you are likely to be denied.