Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Batavia, Illinois

Are you the type of person who always runs out of money, but you have no idea why? Managing money is a problem for many people. In fact, about 60 percent of Americans don’t even bother using a budget. That’s bad news because it means these people are likely to end up in a financial mess. However, there is good news. Title loans are an easy way to help bridge the gap when you run out of money.

Title Loans Batavia

Title loans in Batavia are when a person offers their vehicle as collateral so they can get a loan. By using the equity in their vehicle, borrowers do not have to have a credit check.


In addition to being at least 18 years old, you need to have a vehicle to use as collateral. Your vehicle, which could be car or motorcycle or other type, must be free of liens and paid off. You can’t get title loans in the Midwest if you’re still making payments on the vehicle you plan to use as collateral. Your name must be listed on the vehicle’s registration as the owner. Finally, whether it is from a job, unemployment benefits, alimony or another source, you must have an income.

Title Loans Batavia, IL Application

Just click through the quick online application, and provide the car’s make, model, style, year and mileage. Type in your name, email and phone number, and you’re done. You get a loan estimate. There is also a handy calculator for car title loan awards and costs, which lets you get a glimpse of your potential loan and payments. During a follow-up call with a Midwest Title Lender agent, you will set up a payment schedule, evaluate the condition of your vehicle. Its condition helps determine the final loan offer. Cars may have the same make and model, but one may be in better shape and worth more. That car will get the owner a higher loan offer. Once everything is worked out, you just sign a loan agreement and turn in your title. We then give you the money.

Legal Information

Illinois auto title loans can be up to $4,000. Lenders must be licensed. Before having a borrower sign loan agreements, the lender must give them information about interest rates and fees related to their loan.


  • A fast application and approval process means you get the money you need very quickly.
  • There is no credit check. It is unnecessary because title loans in Batavia are based on collateral. Every applicant is in the same position, and the playing field is level, which means those with good credit don’t have an advantage over those with bad credit. Every credit type is likely to be approved for a title loans in Aurora and Batavia. That is not the case when you apply for a bank loan. There is a credit check, and if your score is too low, you are likely to be denied.
  • Having a short time frame to repay your loan lets you use the money to get back on solid financial ground and move on. However, if you need a little more time to get back on track, Midwest Title Lender can help. We have options to renew your loan so you have more time to pay it back, or restructure it so that you have lower payments.
  • If you need less time paying back your loan, that’s fine with us. There is no prepayment penalty.
  • Your car is collateral, but it’s yours, so keep it. We don’t need the car, just the title.